Eerste River Cycle Path Urban cycling

The picturesque little town of Stellenbosch, lies surrounded by the Stellenbosch Mountains in the Jonkershoek River Valley. The second oldest town in South Africa, it boasts some of the most beautiful surviving examples of Cape Dutch, Georgian and Victorian architecture in the Cape. The historic town centre of Stellenbosch and many of its neighbourhoods are flat and perfect for easy, smooth cycling. The town is best explored by bike and once you have discovered the joy of cycling here, it is difficult to get back into a car again. Being a university town, Stellenbosch is home to a range of cosmopolitan restaurants and coffee shops. One of the great advantages of cycling in Stellenbosch is that you can stop anywhere to shop, have coffee or visit a museum because you have no parking problems and bicycles are always welcome!

There are safe cycle paths along the Eerste River all the way through town. On this route you can reach a number of destinations and experience the beauty of the tranquil river and view the majestic surrounding mountains. The route also connects to the cycle path along the Jonkershoek Valley.

For more information download the Eerste River Cycling Map created by Stellenbosch Fietsry.

The Cycling map that leads to various destinations with all amenities for guests

For those visiting the town, there are a variety of local businesses and bike shops, offering bike rentals and guided cycle tours. Stellenbosch University even has a bike rental scheme, Matie Bikes for both staff and students, and encourages more people to use their bikes to commute everyday.

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